How do I decide between Hosted VoIP and a traditional phone system?

Question # 1: Which scenario is better for my business?

Quality Communications will educate you so that you can make an intelligent decision on whether to continue to operate with a premise based solution where the system is completely on site or to implement a hosted solution where your phones are on site and connect through an internet connection to equipment at an off-site data center.

Question # 2: Which scenario is more cost effective for my business?

Quality Communications will assist you in determining whether your company will benefit financially from Hosted VoIP or a premise-based phone system. By taking a “total cost of ownership” approach to your company’s telecommunication needs, we will clearly demonstrate not only the upfront costs of each solution but the ongoing cost of ownership you can expect.

Question # 3: What about features and capability?

Quality Communications will work with your organization to decide if the features important to your business are better served through Hosted VoIP or a premise-based phone system. We will also review your plans for the future to make sure the capabilities of the recommended solution match your plans.

Quality Communications has been selling, implementing and servicing premise-based telephone equipment since 1987 and Hosted solutions since 2006 making us very unique.

Ask the competition how long they have been providing Hosted solutions!

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